Airbrushed Wedding Cakes

June 4, 2011

Probably the coolest way to decorate your cake these days is using fondant and lots of details.  For the DIY-er that may be a little on the risky side.  Airbrushing, however, is not so scary.  You’ll still use the fondant for a smooth and polished look, but the colors achieved with airbrushing are amazing.

One of my favorites was a small sunset-colored cake with palm tree silhouettes.  A professional baker may not always have the ability to offer airbrushing but if they do – check out their work samples.  The lines of the design should be natural with well blended colors of various shades.

Recently on TV, I saw an airbrushed wedding cake with a coy-pond theme.  The decorator used the airbrushing techniques perfectly to create waves that seemed to roll and crash all around the cake and provide an overall blue-green piece of eye candy adorned with happy orange fish all over.  From the Amazing Wedding Cakes show, here’s the link to the cake.

Tutorial: Watch the video on!


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