Paper Napkin Rings

June 4, 2011

I made paper napkin rings out of  large handmade papers.  One large sheet was enough to make about 60 napkin rings and only cost about $6.  Mine were for Thanksgiving, so I used a pearly orange paper.

Simply cut the paper down to strips, wrap the silverware (or plasticware) with a napkin (I used linen-like paper napkins), and wrap the paper strip around the napkin. Use a hot glue gun to seal the ends of the strip together and wah-laa…a DIY napkin ring!


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I love Martha Stewart

June 4, 2011

If you don’t get Martha Stewart‘s email for daily DIY inspiration, you are possibly missing out on the next greatest thing since sliced bread.  A recent favorite is the basket-themed decor and sweet treats.

Martha Stewart does weddings like it’s her sole purpose in life.  The DIY projects she suggests have a wide range of difficulty from super easy to not so much.  I suggest reviewing all comments on a given craft before getting started.  For example, my DIY craft attempt last year involved creating a leaf shaped bowl from tweed and felt.  Martha’s felt projects are super cute and easy but the oak leaf bowl proved more challenging than I originally thought.  But there are hundreds of other great ideas so I didn’t give up.

Devote some time today to Martha Stewart Weddings and you’ll be inspired within minutes.  Whether your planning a wedding, birthday party, or need gift ideas, Martha’s got it all.

Tissue Paper Flowers

June 4, 2011

I am absolutely in love with these tissue paper dahlias!  Use them for place settings, centerpieces, bouquets, napkin rings, flower pins, and more.   They can also be made out of a light fabric such as chiffon.

Probably the coolest way to decorate your cake these days is using fondant and lots of details.  For the DIY-er that may be a little on the risky side.  Airbrushing, however, is not so scary.  You’ll still use the fondant for a smooth and polished look, but the colors achieved with airbrushing are amazing.

One of my favorites was a small sunset-colored cake with palm tree silhouettes.  A professional baker may not always have the ability to offer airbrushing but if they do – check out their work samples.  The lines of the design should be natural with well blended colors of various shades.

Recently on TV, I saw an airbrushed wedding cake with a coy-pond theme.  The decorator used the airbrushing techniques perfectly to create waves that seemed to roll and crash all around the cake and provide an overall blue-green piece of eye candy adorned with happy orange fish all over.  From the Amazing Wedding Cakes show, here’s the link to the cake.

Tutorial: Watch the video on!

Glassware at an antique shop

Shop antique stores for vintage glassware of various shapes and sizes.

In a single antique and collectibles store, I found nearly 75 vintage bottles and vases to use as single-bud vases.   These vases can be scattered throughout the room and on the dining tables to create an eclectic and vintage feel.   Fill the vases with small flowers and cluster them together to create a beautiful centerpiece that’s inexpensive and creative!  The vases can also double as favors if you let guests take them home.

Tip: decide on clear glass or colored glass and stick with it.  Otherwise, the mixture can become unorganized or messy.

Photos on the blog

June 4, 2011

The month of June is filled with the wedding spirit!  Rather than gabbing about all the cool stuff I find, I’ll be posting photos of my favorite finds from fellow bloggers and artists.  Photo blogs are cool and I hope to see lots of likes, shares, and comments if you like what you see!  If you’re interested in having your photos featured on the blog, give me a shout!


This idea was born from an obsession with DIY wedding crafts.  I wanted to do way too many because I loved them all!  I can spend hours getting ideas but I am never sure if I can really pull it off.

So, I thought to myself,  there has to be other people out there like me.  If we worked together, we could help each other do all the fun DIY projects that make up our fabulous weddings!  While there are many vendors that market to the DIY community, I have yet to see one that offers a DIY help service.  This would go beyond just a video tutorial or a helpful forum.  By the way, DIY Bride is an amazing community that offers just that!

This would be real people helping other real people complete real projects for real weddings.

I would really like to see this come together!