Garden Inspired Favors

June 4, 2011

Garden inspired take-aways from the lovely gallery at Martha Stewart Weddings



I love Martha Stewart

June 4, 2011

If you don’t get Martha Stewart‘s email for daily DIY inspiration, you are possibly missing out on the next greatest thing since sliced bread.  A recent favorite is the basket-themed decor and sweet treats.

Martha Stewart does weddings like it’s her sole purpose in life.  The DIY projects she suggests have a wide range of difficulty from super easy to not so much.  I suggest reviewing all comments on a given craft before getting started.  For example, my DIY craft attempt last year involved creating a leaf shaped bowl from tweed and felt.  Martha’s felt projects are super cute and easy but the oak leaf bowl proved more challenging than I originally thought.  But there are hundreds of other great ideas so I didn’t give up.

Devote some time today to Martha Stewart Weddings and you’ll be inspired within minutes.  Whether your planning a wedding, birthday party, or need gift ideas, Martha’s got it all.