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 Olive branch and herb centerpieces
Carillon Beach Meeting house
Dahlia bouquet
Wedding dress
Rae Leytham Photography 



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June 4, 2011

The month of June is filled with the wedding spirit!  Rather than gabbing about all the cool stuff I find, I’ll be posting photos of my favorite finds from fellow bloggers and artists.  Photo blogs are cool and I hope to see lots of likes, shares, and comments if you like what you see!  If you’re interested in having your photos featured on the blog, give me a shout!


This idea was born from an obsession with DIY wedding crafts.  I wanted to do way too many because I loved them all!  I can spend hours getting ideas but I am never sure if I can really pull it off.

So, I thought to myself,  there has to be other people out there like me.  If we worked together, we could help each other do all the fun DIY projects that make up our fabulous weddings!  While there are many vendors that market to the DIY community, I have yet to see one that offers a DIY help service.  This would go beyond just a video tutorial or a helpful forum.  By the way, DIY Bride is an amazing community that offers just that!

This would be real people helping other real people complete real projects for real weddings.

I would really like to see this come together!